The creation of a postgraduate course in Management of Equipment and Social Projects results from the broadening of ESSSM’s social responsibility, which, in a partnership work with several social institutions, offers a training response based on a constructivist approach to the resolution / minimization of social problems, contributing to the modernization of the Third Sector by training for the implementation of innovative social and organizational intervention practices.

The Third Sector is characterized by the scope of organizations with significant internal heterogeneity, which constitute privileged spaces for social mediation, promoters of a cohesive and caring society, capable of facing contemporary challenges where Human Rights assume the leading role.

The post-graduation in Management of Equipment and Social Projects therefore proposes an approach based on assumptions of active social citizenship.

The target audience is everyone who has or intends to have management responsibilities in organizations in the social sector.

The conception of training is based on the principle of autonomy of the trainee, on the complementarity between academic knowledge and experiences and practices of social organizations and on the articulation between the ESSSM and those responsible for Social Equipment.


José Manuel Silvajmsilva@santamariasaude.pt


The course has 750 total hours, of which 150 are video-based, and gives 30 ECTS, with 1 ECTS for each 25 hours of work estimated by the trainee.


Given the current context of the country and the need to respond to the variety of audiences that may attend this course, the training will only take place in a video-based (synchronous) regime and will be available in a podcast where all interaction times (classes) can be viewed. Seminars, discussion forums and tutorials will complement the activities.


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