The CTeSP – Professional Technical Higher Professional Clinical Secretariat Course aims to train qualified senior technicians, endowed with multipurpose knowledge and skills, adjusted to the diversity of functions that make up the exercise of the secretariat practiced in entities linked to the health area.

The work of a clinical secretarial professional includes, in addition to the inherent administrative functions, management functions, interpersonal relationships, domain of specific computer applications in this sector, legislation, hygiene and safety at work, health literacy, among others. .

This course aims to respond to current market needs, providing clinical secretarial professionals with knowledge, skills, attitudes, methods and instruments that make all the difference in the performance of their duties and that facilitate communication with users, family members and health professionals. .

The target audience comprises students looking for practical training with numerous career opportunities and professionals who wish to acquire or deepen their knowledge in this area.

It is a Level 5 Course, granting the Higher Professional Technician Diploma; contains a high practical component; consists of three semesters of classes and one semester of internship; has a total duration of two years; and allows you to pursue higher studies.


Reg. n.º R/Cr 68/2021 de 30-12-2021 
Diário República: Av. n.º 8828/2022




Post Labor: 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Community | Hospitals | Clinics | Entrepreneurial Business Models | Continuous Care Units | Support institutions for the elderly


2 academic years | 4 semesters | 120 ECTS


a) 800 hours of internship distributed over the two years of the course;
b) Possibility of carrying out an internship at the institution where he works, provided that conditions are met.


a) Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification;
b) Those who have been approved in the specially appropriate tests designed to assess the ability of those over 23 years of age to attend higher education, carried out, for the course in question, under the terms of Decree-Law no. 64/2006, of March 21st;
c) Holders of a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional technician diploma or a higher education degree, who wish to re-qualify themselves professionally.


This course is taught in Portuguese.


a) Carry out, independently, secretarial activities in health institutions of different types and areas of intervention;

b) Planning the development of activities, organization and monitoring of work in order to guarantee a prompt, professional, careful and personalized service to the person’s health condition and specific needs of the service;

c) Record clinical and other data on the platforms for requesting, registering, referencing and health protocols;

d) Establish with users, family members, caregivers and other professionals a responsible, professional, assertive attitude adapted to the service, context and health condition of the person;

e) Provide information in a reasoned, up-to-date, explicit manner and adapted to the person’s health condition;

f) Planning and collaborating in the organization of the space as well as in the implementation and maintenance of a functional, confidential and practical document archive;

g) Participate in the elaboration of protocols and facilitating and functional procedures adapted and personalized taking into account the service, the institution and the users;

h) Collaborate in the provision of quality services, contributing to the continuous improvement of the functioning of the health unit;

i) Collaborate in assessing the quality of services provided, proposing and implementing measures aimed at improving customer service and secretarial work, taking into account quality standards and good practices.


Teresa Pereira Leite 



This course is taught in partnership with Hospital Santa Maria do Porto and Profitecla Professional School.


Possibility of awarding a Scholarship up to 100% of the Fee.


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