In today’s society, given the scientific and technological development that accompanied health care in recent decades, there is a significant impact on patient care.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a chronic pathology, with repercussions on individual behavior, in which the person’s identity is often called into question, in the context of family and social interactions. CKD is considered a public health problem, due to the high rates of mortality and morbidity, as well as the negative impact on health-related quality of life. In view of constant scientific and technological advances in nephrology, it is essential that nursing professionals incorporate the necessary knowledge to provide quality care to people with CKD.

This Postgraduate Course in Nursing in Nephrology aims to update the knowledge of nursing professionals in the problems of Nursing in Nephrology, and simultaneously, it seeks to analyze and disseminate scientific advances in this area, promoting the development of new forms of nursing intervention in order to adapt them to the new challenges of dialysis units and social demands.


in progress | Next issue: September 23, 2022


10 months | 370 contact hours | 30 ECTS


Fortnightly (Friday afternoon and Saturday all day).


Bachelors in Nursing or legal equivalent.


This course is taught in Portuguese.


Clemente Sousa
Scientific Coordinator
Rita Fernandes
Executive Coordinator


20€ discount on monthly fees for members of the Portuguese Association of Dialysis and Transplantation Nurses