The family nurse is a health professional who is part of the multidisciplinary team with the objective of providing global nursing care to a group of families, throughout their development, in all life processes and also in the various contexts of the community.

The focus of care is family dynamics, their relationships, their structure and functioning, as well as the relationship between different subsystems and the family. Nursing care directed to the family is provided in the context of health and illness.

Families are subject to problems when stress factors affect their lines of defence, and family reaction will depend on how these factors affect the family unit and its ability to adapt, with a view to preserving or restoring the stability of the family. family and its normal functioning.

It is in this sense that the Graduate Program in Family Health Nursing intends to contribute for professionals to progress from a nursing practice in which the family is considered as a context of care, to an intervention in which the family is considered a unit of care. care, in which the specialist nurse interacts with families using a specific methodology.

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The course will last 10 months, with 252 contact hours and 30 ECTS.