The constraints that present themselves to the profession today are mainly related to the complexity of the health / disease situation, which is characterized by the transformation of social reality, namely socio-cultural, political, demographic, epidemiological and economic changes in modern societies. These variables have led to an increased need for rehabilitation care. 

The intervention of the Specialist Nurse in Rehabilitation Nursing aims to promote the early diagnosis and preventive actions of Rehabilitation Nursing, in order to ensure the maintenance of the functional capacities of clients, prevent complications and avoid disabilities, as well as provide therapeutic interventions aimed at improving residual functions, maintain or regain independence in activities of daily living, and minimize the impact of installed disabilities, (whether due to illness or accident), namely in terms of neurological, respiratory, cardiac and other disabilities and disabilities.

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With a duration of 12 months, a teaching load of more than 900 hours and the duration of two curricular semesters.