POST-GRADUATION IN PALLIATIVE CARE (face-to-face or distance)


Average life expectancy has increased and the course of diseases has changed. In general, people live longer, but not necessarily better. Acute and infectious diseases have given rise to chronic diseases, often associated with multiple comorbidities.

In this line of thought, the World Health Organization presents palliative care as a priority strategy within the scope of health policies, recommending a systematic and programmed approach.

This post-graduation appears in the alignment of the proposed recommendations and, also, of the recommendations of the National Commission for Palliative Care, created in November 2014, which, in the Strategic Plan for the Development of Palliative Care for the 2017-2018 biennium, supports the national need to specialized palliative care, accessible at all levels of health care, focusing on the importance of investing in research and training, namely in terms of postgraduate training programs for health professionals.

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The course will last 10 months (60 ECTS).


Students have the possibility to choose one of the two frequency regimes: face-to-face or distance (live broadcast).