Before beginning the mobility period, the student should gather information about the country, city and School, so that the mobility occurs in the best possible way.


During the Mobility Period

ESSSM will inform and aid the student during the process of application for the curricular units previously approved by both institutions. The school will also provide with additional relevant information to provide the best stay possible.

The Declaration of Attendance is provided by the home institution prior to departure and corresponds to the confirmation of student stay at ESSSM. The declaration’s filling, signing and return is required. This subscription must be requested to ESSSM’s Mobility Support Services.


Amendments to the Learning Agreement

In cases where it is necessary to change the original Learning Agreement due to unforeseen circumstances, these should be submitted and approved by the Erasmus Coordination Department. The student has 30 days to formalize and finalize the process, beginning from the date of arrival at the host institution.