In the wake of aging and the greater prevalence of chronic diseases, the needs of the population increasingly call for the intervention of specialist nurses in rehabilitation nursing.

Rehabilitation nursing is an area of ​​specialized nursing intervention that focuses on the prevention of complications and disabilities and / or the recovery of people who are victims of sudden illness or decompensation of chronic pathological processes, which cause deficits at the neurological, ortho-traumatological and / or cardiorespiratory.

Thus, targeting the person, the excellence of professional practice in the area of ​​rehabilitation nursing brings significant health gains for the population.

In this context, the Master in Rehabilitation Nursing in addition to allowing nurses to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them technically and scientifically for a specialized work in the field of rehabilitation nursing, will provide an opportunity to scientifically demonstrate the contribution of nurses specializing in rehabilitation nursing in the transitions experienced by people, in all phases of their life cycle.


The Study Plan for the cycle consists of 90 ECTS, lasting 3 semesters.