During the week of May 15th to 19th 2023, Santa Maria School of Health hosted, for the first time, the colleague Brygida Śliwa, a specialist in the Department of Public Procurement at the Publishing House of the Jagiellonian University, Poland, within the Erasmus+ Program, for a greater knowledge of the procedures adopted in some of the ESSSM administrative services.

During this short stay, she had the possbility to follow the work of the Project Management, Human Resources and Document Management and Archive services. In addition to the activities at ESSSM, Brygida also had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Diocesan Social Promotion Work getting to know the respective procedures, with Dr. Carlos Pereira, and also the Rainha D. Leonor Center with Dr. Ilda Monteiro, social worker, to whom we leave our genuine thankfulness for all the availability and the work they do on a daily basis.

The desire for good integration in the Portuguese culture and the similarity of procedures in the area of administrative services between the institutions were highlighted throughout this week.