The ESSSM team, coordinator of the GivingCare Project, is in Krakow in the first face-to-face meeting with colleagues from Filmes da Mente (Portugal), University of A Coruña (Spain), Jaguelónia University (Poland), Krakow, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Eurocares (Brussels).

The Portuguese Neuromuscular Association, because of the impossibility of agenda of its representatives, will not be present in person, but will follow the distance of the meeting.

This increasingly important and numerous professional group needs increased training as a way to credibility their professional practice, improve their social image, achieve better wage levels and better working conditions. In this way, this project aims to create a basic training of carers at European level.

The GivingCare – Empowering Caregivers Project crosses academic concerns with professionals, in an example of action research applied to a very precise and strategic context to support older or disabled people, with more or less marked autonomy limitations.