Due to the latest developments regarding COVID 19, the risk of infection and the consequent general alarm, namely among students and respective families, the Direction Board determines:

  1. The immediate suspension of all classroom activities.
  2. The transition to distance learning for all teaching activities that allow it.
  3. Distance learning activities will begin next Monday, according to a calendar to be released soon.
  4. The restriction of access to the school for students, only authorized in exceptional and duly justified cases.
  5. The contact with the services by the students must be made exclusively by email or telephone.
  6. Any doubts should be clarified with the respective course coordinators.
  7. During the exceptional restriction period, it is advisable that everyone regularly consult the institutional e-mail and the school website to keep up with developments.
  8. The cancellation of all events scheduled until April 10
  9. The rescheduling of events is to be defined according to the evolution of this outbreak.