Visual therapy and sports visual training are areas of optometry that aim to promote better visual performance, with the aim of promoting visual health through the prevention and rehabilitation of visual changes. In terms of visual therapy, professionals can deepen their knowledge in relation to the implementation of treatment techniques that promote an improvement in visual abilities through exercises, the application of prisms and the use of programs on digital devices. In terms of sports visual training, the aim is to raise awareness of the techniques used to improve the visual performance of athletes as well as how to enhance athletes’ vision.

All diagnostic and treatment techniques currently used in the field of vision therapy will be studied in this postgraduate course, being addressed based on scientific evidence and the experience of the professionals involved. This postgraduate course will also have international professors who will contribute with their knowledge.

The course includes practical classes at the ESSILOR / UPOOP Optometry Clinic (Lisbon) and the SHAMIR Training Center (Porto).


February 16th 2024.


The course will last 1 year.


Theoretical Class Schedule: Weekdays from 7:30pm to 11:30pm and Saturday from 3pm to 7pm (online – via zoom)

In-person classes on Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00

In-person practical classes will be distributed across the ISEC Lisbon and Shamir facilities in Porto*

(Note: Practical classes in Porto – SHAMIR will depend on the number of candidates proposed to take them in the North region).


Fortnightly (Friday afternoon and Saturday all day).


Diplomas/graduates in Optics and Optometry and/or vision sciences. Students in these areas who lack less than 10% to obtain the title of Bachelor’s Degree, with obtaining the title being conditional on obtaining the Degree in the same academic year.

For admission selection, the order of registration will be taken into account.


This course is taught in Portuguese.


Dr. Henrique Nascimento
Dr.ª Ana Roque 
Deputy Coordinator
Prof. Duarte Pereira
Sub-Executive Coordinator