Currently, we are witnessing a demand among the population to practice sporting activities, based on the search for healthy lifestyles. This aspect poses challenges in several areas, particularly in the scientific area of Nursing, with investment in the scientific and technical training of health professionals who conceptualize and provide care in this field being urgent.

In order to keep up with the new health demands placed on sports practice, nurses must direct their knowledge and differentiated practices, in specific contexts, which can be diverse – from workplaces, sports venues and, even, in school contexts.

Therefore, as the practice of physical activity and exercise is a recommendation for the general population, the integration of nurses in the multidisciplinary teams that make up the athlete’s assessment is fundamental, as agents that facilitate the promotion of health and well-being of the person and community.

Thus, aiming at endpoints such as the athlete’s sporting performance and performance, the nurse assumes a pivotal role in the development of these outcomes, through the assessment of essential components of sporting practice, as well as the prescription of interventions in this area. Effectively, the Postgraduate course -Graduation in Sports Nursing aims to train nurses with specific tools for providing nursing care to athletes and the sporting community, considering their specificities, in accordance with the competencies defined by the Order of Nurses.


February 16th 2024.


The program content has a workload of 250 contact hours in a total of 750 hours.


In-person regime.


Fortnightly (Friday afternoon and Saturday all day).


Licensed in nursing or legal equivalent.


This course is taught in Portuguese.



Catarina Ribeiro
Executive Coordinator
João Santos
Scientific Coordinator