The Library has a vast collection of books related to the health areas taught at ESSSM. This is also where you can get all the information you might need about how to execute a written project.

The monographs and periodicals are freely accessible and can be consulted and required as a home loan, under the following conditions:

StudentsLoan TermNo of  Documents
Undergraduate degree /CTESP5 working days3
Graduate degree/Post Graduations7 working days3
Masters15 working days5

The loan period may be renewed according to the conditions established in the SDIB Regulation (available on the ESSSM website). Therefore, we advise you to meet deadlines so that you do not have to pay the associated late fees.


Open: 09:00 – 19:00

School Holidays: 9am – 1pm | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.



Set up your devices for use of ESSSM wireless network (ESSSM | Pass: #AquiSomosFelizes#)


Office 365: Access to online tools, including Microsoft Office, which can be installed in personal computers and other devices.


After enrolment, students receive a student card which serves as an identification card (required for exams) and facilitates access to ESSSM services (use of printers).

The card allows students to enjoy advantages and discounts out of the university (means of transportation, movie theatres, etc.).


Now that you are a student at Santa Maria Health School we offer support for your learning.

You have several available digital platforms:

  • Office 365 – institutional communication account, access to institutional email, cloud storage, Office365 software, among others.
  • Netp @ Portal – Student Portal – virtual desk available for students and faculty, providing ease of use and high availability anywhere and anytime.
  • Moodle – E-Learning – access to CU (Curricular Unit) resources and educational activities, schedules, chronograms, as well as all assessment information (continuous, normal and supplementary).
  • Space Requirement – book laboratories and gyms for pedagogical practices.
  • Questionnaires – access to digital assessment / opinion / registration forms;
  • YSoft SafeQ – Management of your prints / copies / scans at ESSSM.

At the beginning of your 1st school year you will have access to your Office365 account for all institutional digital contacts. First, you need to register on Netp @ – Student Portal in order to register / access the other platforms.

If you still have any doubts or technical questions, please contact us at


  • Learn about ESSSM regulations: Pedagogical, disciplinary, administrative regulations, as well as the student code of conduct, here:
  • Get to Know the syllabus of each course unit through the main page of the course.
  • Get Information and participate in social responsibility activities through the School’s volunteer program.
  • Demand quality by responding to pedagogical inquiries sent by the Quality Office. Your opinion is important for the proper functioning of ESSSM. Submit any suggestions or complaints you may deem appropriate to the Student Ombudsman.
  • Pay attention to the extracurricular capacity building activities promoted by ESSSM: workshops, conferences, meetings, seminars, etc.